WELCOME : What do we teach?
  • Freestyle American Kickboxing
  • Submission Grappling
  • Traditional Japanese Karate  (Kids Program)
  • Freestyle Taekwondo  (Kids Program)

After 30+ years of Martial Arts training in Karate, Taekwondo, Savate, Western Boxing, Brazilian Jujitsu and other arts, Coach Paris Snyder teaches a system of Freestyle Kickboxing & Grappling that incorporates the most effective elements of his training. While no official gradings take place (and no cost is required to rank up), a ranking system of required skills sets has been established in order to make sure that while each student gets a personalized path, key techniques and skills are achieved. Taking from the Brazilian Jujitsu School of thought, Coach Paris Snyder ranks his students with belts based upon reviewed training. They will receive belts and certificates in "Freestyle American Kickboxing," "Submission Grappling or BJJ"as they progress.

What is American Kickboxing?

While modern Kickboxing has become a combination of arts, American Kickboxing does have different routes to Mauy Thai (Thai Boxing) or Savate (French Kickboxing). Starting in 1967, World Karate Champion, Joe Lewis began training privately with Bruce Lee and former heavyweight boxing contender Joe Orbillo. Lewis had retired from point fighting, as Lee had convinced his that such bouts were unrealistic and should instead be replaced with full contact matches with boxing gloves. In late 1969 promoter Lee Faulkner arrange a full-contact karate bout for Lewis with an opponent who would fight to the knockout.  As Lewis entered the ring wearing boxing gloves the announcer identified the fighters as "Kickboxers". On January 17, 1970 Joe Lewis won the first-ever American Kickboxing bout, with a second-round knockout over Greg Baines, leading to his recognition as the "Father of Modern Kickboxing."

Submission Grappling

While mainly centering around Brazilian Jujitsu, the Submission Grappling lessons encompass techniques from such arts as Shooto, Russian Sambo and Wrestling. Having been influenced by such practitioners as The Machado Brothers, Yorinaga Nakamura  & Chris Haueter.  The aim is to show a variation of techniques while keeping the modern essence brought to the ground fight arena. 

"Styles limit man"

Bruce Lee

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Kids Programs - Karate & Taekwon-do

We understand that kids often need a more focused and structured way of learning, which is why Coach/Sensei Snyder also teaches a more Traditional Karate / Taekwondo  program for Kids. Under the Tatakau (Combat) Karate Kai Sensei Snyder teaches and grades students in a Traditional form of Japanese Karate that is a blend of Kyokushin & Shindo Jinen-Ryu, with a focus on the more practical elements and the fundamental Katas. The Taekwondo program focuses on the more elaborate kicks, with some Forms and is a good basis for students to progress into the Freestyle American Kickboxing program as they get older. 

Founder is graded at Black Belt or Instructor Level under all the following Associations.

Strategic Combat Arts is a trade name used only with the intention of offering the Services of Coach Paris Snyder as an independent contractor / martial arts instructor and a means by which to grade his students. Any instructors are viewed as independent entities. While they may use the Strategic Combat Arts Brand (with permission), they are not recognized as employees and are responsible for all the taxes, registrations and insurances required by law in support of there own en-devours. 

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